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Easy Ice Cube Painting Art

For the last few weeks all my 3 year old has been asking about are colours. “Mommy, what does yellow and green make? What does pink and orange make? What does yellow and purple make” all day long. I love her questions and I want her to come up with the answers herself, so I … Continue reading Easy Ice Cube Painting Art

DIY Personalized Cube Puzzle

I recently got the idea to make my own cube puzzle after seeing similar items on Pinterest. Many were simple 6-sided puzzles featuring painted shapes or simple designs. Of course I really wanted to make one myself, but also wanted to make it a bit more personalized for my girls. Luckily on one of my … Continue reading DIY Personalized Cube Puzzle

How to Make a Perfect Pompom

I don’t know what it is, but pompoms make me so happy. Maybe it’s because they are cute, fuzzy, and can be any colour imaginable. I often find myself making pompoms with no project in mind, but just to give my hands something to do. Making a beautiful pompom is pretty easy and doesn’t mean … Continue reading How to Make a Perfect Pompom