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Easy Ice Cube Painting Art

For the last few weeks all my 3 year old has been asking about are colours. “Mommy, what does yellow and green make? What does pink and orange make? What does yellow and purple make” all day long. I love her questions and I want her to come up with the answers herself, so I … Continue reading Easy Ice Cube Painting Art

DIY Scratch Art Cards

Have you ever used a scratch art card? They are unbelievably fun! I use to make my own all the time as a kid and completely forgot about them until recently. Then last weekend when my daughter said “Mommy I want to make art with you” (Side note: Omg it’s working! I’m raising an artsy … Continue reading DIY Scratch Art Cards

DIY Dinosaur Rock Fossils

My oldest is turning 3 this summer and is starting to explore, question, and appreciate investigative activities. Since we recently saw a dinosaur exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature, I thought it would be fun to continue exploring dinosaurs at home with this fun fossil activity. These fossils look like rocks or eggs, and … Continue reading DIY Dinosaur Rock Fossils

How to Organize your Child’s Toys like a Teacher

Education is always evolving. Teachers are moving away from mindless memorization, and endless pencil and paper work. More and more children are participating in play-based learning, using hands on materials, and problem solving based on real world scenarios. Kindergarten classrooms are adopting Montessori and Reggio methods. They are opting for more minimalistic organization of materials … Continue reading How to Organize your Child’s Toys like a Teacher