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How to Organize your Child’s Toys like a Teacher

Education is always evolving. Teachers are moving away from mindless memorization, and endless pencil and paper work. More and more children are participating in play-based learning, using hands on materials, and problem solving based on real world scenarios. Kindergarten classrooms are adopting Montessori and Reggio methods. They are opting for more minimalistic organization of materials … Continue reading How to Organize your Child’s Toys like a Teacher

Apps I Love for Toddlers

As a parent, there is often a lot of guilt and worry around letting our young kids have screen time. I feel it too. I hate the thought of my 2 and a half year old become a TV or YouTube zombie, mindlessly staring at a screen. I worry when the first thing she says … Continue reading Apps I Love for Toddlers

Why use Sensory Bins?

Putting my teacher hat on now. What is a sensory bin and does my toddler or preschooler need one? Sensory bins are a kindergarten teacher’s best kept secret. Kids love to play with them and they don’t even realize they are learning. The reason they are called sensory bins is because kids use their senses … Continue reading Why use Sensory Bins?