About Laura

I have always been a very crafty and creative person. I grew up drawing, painting, crafting, and cooking. I remember making all kinds of things as a kid. Snakes made from pompoms, beaded hairpins, felt coasters, and hand sewn purses from my old jeans. I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living magazine at the age of 13. I poured over the pages each month, soaking in all the content. I saved most of those magazines for years and made as many of the crafts and recipes in them that I could.

My sister and I standing outside our home in Montreal. I’m pretty sure I made the beaded bracelet and possibly even the clip on earrings I am wearing.

After high school, I went to university for Visual Arts and spent four years taking photographs, painting, sculpting, and learning about art history. Then, I went to Teacher’s College, and soon afterwards got a job as an elementary school French teacher. My job teaching even involved making things like creating fun resources for the kids to use. Making things is in my blood.

Me and my two girls. Ellis just turned 2 and Lily is about a week old.

Now as an adult, my house is full of things I’ve made. I spend my free time baking, crafting, building, and creating fun activities for my daughters. I have an endless list of projects in my mind. My friends and family often say “Wow, that’s a cool (fill in the blank). You made that didn’t you?”. Over the years, many people have suggested I document my creations, so I finally decided to start. Make it Laura is a way for me to share what I do, from big to small, simple to complex.

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Want to chat or know more about Make it Laura? You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest! Or send me an email at [email protected].