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Easy DIY Stenciled Doormat

I’ve wanted one of these cute stenciled doormats for a while. They have been popping up everywhere lately and can be a little pricey. Naturally, I saw this as an opportunity for a new DIY project. I wasn’t sure how successful I would be, but was surprised by the results. Creating a simple stenciled doormat … Continue reading Easy DIY Stenciled Doormat

Hand Lettered Pumpkin Sign

I’ve been looking for wooden pumpkin cut-outs this year and have had a lot of trouble finding unfinished ones. Most stores are selling wooden pumpkins fully decorated. Yes they are nice, but my urge to craft is strong! I don’t want to buy something premade, I want to make it myself. On one of my … Continue reading Hand Lettered Pumpkin Sign

Colorful DIY Pompom Wreath

A few months ago I made a bunch of pompoms for my blog post “How to Make a Perfect Pompom”. I wanted to test out different methods and compare all the pompom makers I have. I ended up with a lovely collection of pompoms, but didn’t really have a project in mind. Not wanting them … Continue reading Colorful DIY Pompom Wreath

My DIY Dream Wedding

My husband and I will be married for 5 years this summer. I don’t know how, but time is just flying by! We met over 14 years ago while working part time jobs at Quizno’s Subs. We went to university, found our first real jobs, moved out of our parents houses, and became adults. He … Continue reading My DIY Dream Wedding

Easy DIY Flower Crowns

We are throwing a first birthday party for my youngest in a few weeks, and even though it will be just family, I still wanted a theme. Since she has been such a sweet and easy baby, I immediately though of a bee and flower theme. Of course I wanted to make something a little … Continue reading Easy DIY Flower Crowns