DIY Mad Men Inspired Pen Necklace

Ever since watching Mad Men I’ve wanted Joan Holloway’s pen necklace. I love wearing long necklaces. I’m a teacher and I’m always looking for a pen. I NEEDED this necklace in my life!

Joan’s pen necklace was an ornate brass pen on a long chain.

I happened to be searching on Amazon and discovered these awesome brass lanyard pens! I quickly ordered one and decided to make my own version of Joan’s pen necklace.

Supplies needed:

brass lanyard pen

– 1 meter gold chain of choice

– 1 gold jump ring

– 1 gold keychain ring

– pointy pliers

I purchased the chain, jump rings, and keychain ring from a local jewelry and beading shop McBead Creations. I highly recommend going somewhere that sells a large variety of jewelry making supplies so that you can get small quantities of exactly what you need.

The jump ring I purchased two jump rings just in case, but only needed one.

I started by measuring out the chain to a length that worked best for me. I suggest hanging it around your neck and testing out shorter or longer lengths before cutting the chain with pliers. Once cut, pass the last loop of each end of the chain through the jump ring.

Jump rings are split can can be easily opened by twisting slightly with a pair of pliers.

I also threaded the large key chain ring through the jump ring, to avoid having to thread it on after. Using the pliers, twist the jump ring back until the ends line up and squeeze the ring until the ends meet. You’ve now created a necklace!

Lastly, attach the pen by threading the loop through the key chain ring. That’s it! I purchased some pearls to add to the chain, but decided after testing it out that it was too busy looking. I may add something else to the chain in the future, but for now I like how clean and simple it looks.

My completed pen necklace should look pretty stylish with my office attire.

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