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DIY House Bed

The time had come to move my two-year old out of her crib and into a big girl bed. Of course, I didn’t want just any old bed. I wanted her to have one of those trendy house beds you see all over Pinterest and Instagram. Looking at them online, there aren’t many Canadian retailers … Continue reading DIY House Bed

DIY Minimalist Wall Art

Love the look of minimalist art? Want to do it yourself? Here are three easy ways to make something beautiful for your walls. Line Art The simplest and most zen art project you will ever do. All you need is paper and a chisel tip marker in the colour of your choice. Start in the … Continue reading DIY Minimalist Wall Art

Easy Black Cat Halloween Costume

I was recently gifted my grandmother’s old sewing machine, so I decided to make my toddler a simple Halloween costume. I’ve always wanted to get into sewing, but for some reason I find it super intimidating, which is weird considering all the DIY projects I take on. Maybe it’s because it involves an actual machine? … Continue reading Easy Black Cat Halloween Costume