Easy Paper Badges for Mother’s Day

We’re almost half way through 2020, and it’s been a hell of a year so far. I have been in quarantine for over 2 months now and I think all parents, especially moms, are slowly losing it. So for this Mother’s Day, I decided to make badges, because seriously we all deserve awards this year and every year!

These badges are made from paper and couldn’t be simpler. All you need is some pretty scrapbook paper, scissors, a ruler, and glue. Here’s how to make one for an amazing mama you know, or for yourself!

Start by cutting out strips of paper. I cut strips that were 2 x 15cm wide and 1 x 10cm wide. I used a ruler first and drew faint lines in pencil as cutting guides. A paper cutter would make this step much faster if you have one, but it’s totally not necessary. You also need to cut out 2 circles from white paper or cardstock. These will be the front and back of your badge. All I did was trace the bottom of a drinking glass and cut them out.

I used some pretty pastel scrapbook paper, but you could also use wrapping paper, or have your kids colour or paint paper to cut.

Next, glue the strips of paper into loops. Without creasing the center, bend the paper so that both ends meet and glue them together. They should look like teardrops when turned on their sides. I used a regular school glue stick, but hot glue or double sided tape would also work great!

Once all your loops have been created it’s time to start gluing them to the paper circles. Glue each loop, slightly overlapped and evenly spaced to each circle. I started with the large loops, which would become the back of my badge.

Be generous with the glue so that the loops don’t pop off.

Before gluing the small loops, I also decided to write my message. It’s easier to write on the flat circle first and if you make a mistake, you can easily recut a new one!

I used a pencil first and then went over it with a gold sharpie.

Once all the loops have been glued to the back of each circle they just need to be sandwiched together with lots of glue. I also cut two extra 2 x 15cm strips of paper to glue to the back as ribbons. Attach your badge to a gift or glue safety pin to the back, et voilà! One of these will be part of my gift to my mom this year and I totally made a second one for myself too!

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