DIY Color Block Cookie Jar

I realized a little while ago that I didn’t own a cookie jar. I make cookies every month or two and if they don’t get immediately eaten, they always end up in an old Tupperware container on the counter. Not the cutest thing to look at. I wanted something modern, fun, and practical to house my future cookies, so of course I immediately saw the opportunity for a DIY project.

This IKEA 365+ jar holds 3.3L and is 8” tall, 7” wide.

When browsing my local IKEA, I found this awesome jar with a bamboo lid from their 365+ series. It is the perfect size to use as a cookie jar, and even better, it was only $10! I knew I could make this simple jar even better with some paint, so I grabbed some Martha Stewart Multi-Surface paint from Michael’s and started experimenting. After a few failed attempts, I decided simple was best. In the end, I created a color blocked jar that I absolutely love.

This jar holds approx 40 cookies.

Here’s what you need to recreate one for yourself:

I used Frogtape for this project because it has a special glue that activates and turns to gel when it comes into contact with liquid. This tape has been awesome for special projects and I never have to worry about my paint bleeding.

Depending on how many colours of paint you choose to use will decide how many times you repeat the process. All you have to do is tape your jar and paint. I chose to angle the tape so that it wasn’t a perfectly straight line.

I painted the bottom of the jar in the colour Diving Board.

Paint an even coat on the bottom of your jar, overlapping the tape slightly. After 30 minutes, paint a second coat. While the paint is still wet, carefully remove the tape. Allow the paint to dry well for at least 12 hours before taping again and painting a second colour. When doing multiple colours, remember to tape over your first colour of paint to get a nice crisp line.

Removing the tape while the paint is still wet leaves a perfectly crisp line.

The best part is after leaving the paint to cure for 21 days it is dishwasher safe on the top rack! I’m so excited to use this process again and paint other types of glassware, like stemless wine glasses or the underside of glass dinner plates.

Overall, I’m really happy with how this cookie jar turned out. It may not be full of cookies for long, but it looks great on the counter regardless. What will you be painting using this process? Follow me on Instagram and tell me all about your project.

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