Easy IKEA Kallax Hack

The IKEA Kallax is a super popular unit for bedrooms, playrooms and classrooms. They are affordable and offer flexible storage, especially for toys and books.

I hacked our Kallax unit 3 years ago when I was pregnant with our first. Our nursery has 2 vents on the floor that couldn’t be covered but I wanted storage for toys that would be easily accessible to a baby and toddler. After a little research I discovered IKEA sold all kinds of legs that I could easily attach to the unit raising it off the floor and the vents!

Here are the supplies you will need:

IKEA Kallax 4 square (16 1/2″ x 57 7/8″) unit

– a set of 4 IKEA legs (see below)

IKEA Besta hidden support leg

– power drill

– drill bits

– wood glue

IKEA doesn’t sell legs made for the Kallax (yet), but they do sell lots of leg options for other storage units, sofas, and beds. The original legs I purchased where made for a bed and are now discontinued but here are some alternatives. I would choose a leg no more than 4″ high. Any higher and you cannot use the hidden support leg, and the unit may become a tipping hazard. The closest option to what I chose would be the Stubbarp, but other options are the the Stallarp or the Nannarp.

I installed the legs further in from the sides so that the legs would sit flush to the bottom of the unit.

Start by assembling your IKEA Kallax unit and flipping it upside down. Measure the appropriate distance from each corner and make a mark where you will be drilling a hole. I highly suggest practicing on a piece of scrap wood before drilling a hole in the unit itself. You will want to chose a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw that came with the leg.

Once you’ve drilled your holes, squeeze some wood glue into the hole and screw in the legs. The wood glue isn’t necessary but I find it helps keep the screws from loosening over time.

Lastly, measure and mark the center of the Kallax unit and install the hidden support leg with the screws provided. I highly recommend using this hidden leg for extra support, especially if you plan on storing heavy items or using the unit like a bench.

Our Kallax is now being used by my youngest who loves cruising along the sides and pulling toys off the shelves.

That’s it! Flip the unit back over and fill it with baskets, toys or books. I rotate toys and place one or two items into each cubbie monthly. You can read more about toy organization and rotations in my post How to Organize your Toys like a Teacher. My mom made also me cushions for the top to use like a bench.

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