DIY Floral First Bee-Day Party

My youngest is one this week. She has been the sweetest most amazing baby and I can’t believe how big she is getting! We wanted her to have her own first birthday this year, even though her older sister’s birthday is 5 days later. So we decided to host a small party for immediate family the weekend before her birthday.

I love themed parties and I can’t resist the opportunity to create some cute decor. I figured since her name is a flower, why not a bumble bee and flower theme! Here’s what I set up for the event.

Since this was a small family party, all I focused on was a feature wall above our dining room sideboard. I included a balloon “happy b-day” banner purchased at Partycity, bumble bee balloons, paper honeycombs, tissue paper letters, and a photo banner. I also ordered some custom bumble bee cupcakes from local baker Jamie-Lynn at Batter Up Bakery.

A close up of the lemon cupcakes by Batter Up Bakery.

To make the honeycombs, I cut out hexagons from two shades of yellow cardstock, then drew some bumble bees and dotted lines with a black marker. I probably should have made a template and traced them all first. Instead I tried cutting them free-hand so they ended up a little wonky, but once they were on the wall you couldn’t tell.

For the bumble bee balloons I inflated yellow balloons, then colored 2 stripes around the center and a smiley face on the front with a black permanent marker. It takes the marker about a minute to dry, so I had to be careful not to smear it. Lastly, I cut a small set of wings from white paper and taped them to the top.

The tissue paper letters I made from an empty diaper box. You can find the instructions in this blog post, including a little video.

The photo banner was a gift from a friend. She purchased the pre-cut cards from an Etsy shop. All I did was print a 4×6″ photo for each month, and glued them to the corresponding card. I hung everything on the wall with either Scotch tape or painters tape the night before the party.

We used the sideboard as a place to put gifts and display the cupcakes.

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