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DIY Scratch Art Cards

Have you ever used a scratch art card? They are unbelievably fun! I use to make my own all the time as a kid and completely forgot about them until recently. Then last weekend when my daughter said “Mommy I want to make art with you” (Side note: Omg it’s working! I’m raising an artsy … Continue reading DIY Scratch Art Cards

DIY Milk and Oat Bath

Winter is upon us here in Ottawa. The furnace hasn’t been on for long, but I’m already noticing dry skin on both myself and the girls. Ever since giving birth my skin has changed a lot. I suddenly have eczema which I’ve never had in my life! And it looks like my youngest has it … Continue reading DIY Milk and Oat Bath

DIY Stenciled Graphic Tee

I recently discovered how to easily make my own graphic T-shirt with this simple technique. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve one of those fancy and expensive cutting machines. It’s actually an old school method that works pretty well, and the possibilities are endless! Want to know how it’s done? With freezer paper! I know. You’re … Continue reading DIY Stenciled Graphic Tee