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Easy DIY Flower Crowns

We are throwing a first birthday party for my youngest in a few weeks, and even though it will be just family, I still wanted a theme. Since she has been such a sweet and easy baby, I immediately though of a bee and flower theme. Of course I wanted to make something a little … Continue reading Easy DIY Flower Crowns

DIY Personalized Cube Puzzle

I recently got the idea to make my own cube puzzle after seeing similar items on Pinterest. Many were simple 6-sided puzzles featuring painted shapes or simple designs. Of course I really wanted to make one myself, but also wanted to make it a bit more personalized for my girls. Luckily on one of my … Continue reading DIY Personalized Cube Puzzle

DIY Dinosaur Rock Fossils

My oldest is turning 3 this summer and is starting to explore, question, and appreciate investigative activities. Since we recently saw a dinosaur exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature, I thought it would be fun to continue exploring dinosaurs at home with this fun fossil activity. These fossils look like rocks or eggs, and … Continue reading DIY Dinosaur Rock Fossils

Marbled Hexagon Fridge Magnets

I’m excited to say, I think I have finally mastered the nail polish marbling technique! If you’ve never heard of nail polish marbling, it’s a technique that is all over Pinterest. Basically you float nail polish on water and dip things into it to get a marbled effect. I really wanted to create some marbled … Continue reading Marbled Hexagon Fridge Magnets

Easy Homemade Lip Balm

A few weeks ago I made an awesome DIY wood protector from natural beeswax. It got me thinking about other things I could make with beeswax. After a little research, I decided to try making homemade lip balm. This was such an easy project and took me maybe 5 minutes to put together. It is … Continue reading Easy Homemade Lip Balm

Easy DIY Beeswax Wood Protector

I recently bought some beeswax bars on Amazon so that I could refinish a Montessori-style wooden baby rattle. Because the rattle is natural wood I knew it needed a protective coating, but wanted something baby safe. Applying the beeswax on its own was a little tricky, so I did some googling. I discovered you can … Continue reading Easy DIY Beeswax Wood Protector